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WHY FG Beauty?

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Because this cosmetic is based on natural ingredients. It's suitable for all skin types, also, highly recommended for problematic and sensitive skin. The main component of every product of FG Beauty is Opuntia cactus.

Do you know what opuntia is and why is so much important for our skin? Due to its rich components.

Let's start with the first component and that's PHENOL is protecting the human body from disease and aging. It activates cells that repair damage body tissues during normal metabolism and preventing cancer. In high substances is an excellent antioxidant and has an antibacterial properties. As a second very important thing what I would like to highlight is high content of VITAMIN C. Opuntia cactus contain 84 times more Vitamin C than Aloe Vera. One of substance of our products is also PEPTIDE, what is called "natural Botox" - it energies the skin and provides a rich nourishment what we all dream of. And obviously a lot of other healthy ingredients such as Calcium, Saponin, Amino acid, Flavonoids, Unsaturated fatty acid, Taxifolin,Dietary fiber, Minerals and Phytochemical.

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